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Carpet Replacement
You can't imagine what is under 12 year old Motor Home carpet, most of the time the carpet backing has turned to dust and dust masks are required. We use carpet of your choice, but we suggest either a heavy cut pile or a medium sculpted pile. Both have a better appears in a motorhome than say a looped pile, which has a tendency to look trampled over time. The sculpted pile is really a mix of the two, and the cut parts keep the looped parts from getting the trampled look.

To replace the coaches carpet, all the furniture has to be removed, including the Captain's Chairs. The couch has to be disassembled to be removed. The old carpet has to be cut off around anything that was installed over the carpet at the factory like the bed and the back closet and cabinets and sometimes the dashboards center console. These are typically set on top of the original carpet., and new carpet fit in around the bed and up to the back closet/cabinets. The entire process is not an easy job and is quite time consuming. 

Typical Total Cost: $1370

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