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Home Theater Replacement
Blu-Ray Home Theater Systems are the current replacement platform to replace or upgrade your existing DVD Home Theater or lack of one. Most times the existing speakers are reused or, if there is a problem, upgraded higher quality/sounding speakers. If you are installing surround sound for the first time, a 2.1 wireless speaker system may have to be used due to the lack of factory wiring to rear speaker and no accessible wire runs.

These systems typically include a multi-format Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players with FM Radio Receivers and SMART features that use the systems built-in Wireless Network capability to access NetFlix, HULU, Vudu, and many other Internet content providers whenever you have WiFi service available. All this is connected up with newly run HDMI cables run to the HD Display.

We remove the  existing home theater,VCR and cable switch box. Then adapt the speaker wires to the new systems interface. Test all the speakers for function and replace if necessary. Run a new HDMI cable to the HD TV. Take note that if the TV is not HD, a video cable will be run for using the antenna input, as was typically done, can no longer be used. Now, if you also have Satellite TV, even if it is standard definition, it is best to upgrade the receiver to one that has a  RCA video output and not a cable out, for the best picture quality.

Living Room Typical Total Cost: $835

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