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Your Computer and Database Service Provider,
Boulder County

We Make On-Site Service calls
We work on Servers,
Desktops AND Laptops
We do In-place Database and Windows 7 Upgrades

Common Service Requests:
Database setup and porting
Windows 7 Upgrade
Computer or Laptop Hardware and Software repair and service
Support in purchasing or installing Upgrades
Support for purchasing new computer hardware
Support in moving to a new platform or computer

Our Technician can even help with any High-Tech Upgrade On-Site.
Database, Networking, Central Computer Data Storage, and Video HDTV, DVR. We can help!


has been a small business in Boulder County providing Database Management, server, computer and network support as well as server computer parts worldwide through the Internet since 1999. With the demise of CompUSA and the closing of the locations in Boulder County, Boulder is left without a major computer retailer, support and service. e4 began to provide local computer support at this time, using area professionals situated in your area, but having the resources available from

announced the introduction of our Database and Computer Service groups in 2000, located and working right in your County of Boulder. For a small service fee, our local neighborhood service associate will come to your location and help you with you computer or high-tech equipment, all at your own convenience. Also, we provide the option to drop off your service needs at your neighborhood location or simply contact a support professional via Email or IM (instant message) via Microsoft Messenger to e4services and we will try and help you in real time.

 Your local Service Professional is a senior IT professional working from his home in your area. Expect a profession seasoned knowledgeable agent that you can talk to when submit a request for service or information.  Donít except a kid, like you are use to at Best Buy or Circuit City.

 Windows Registry is a crucial part of a Server's amd PC's operation system. With regular, everyday use, most PCs become fragmented and clogged with obsolete files. Left untouched, these can turn into serious registry errors that slow speeds and even lead to system crashes and SLOW operation. Our service professional can use our registry cleaner to enhance your computerís performance without expensive hardware upgrades they can help you optimize your PC for faster, improved performance. The scanner and repair tool identifies, cleans, and corrects errors in the Windows registry, with just a few simple mouse clicks.

23 years experience

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