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Below is a List of upcoming Repossession Class A Diesel Coaches coming up at Dealer Only Auctions around the country, updated each Sunday. These coaches will NOT be refurbished, but usually in Average to Rough used condition, needing some work. We list this in case you are looking for something specific and are looking for a bargain (usually 80% of retail book) and willing to purchase As-Is and put in some work and/or money. WE CAN HELP!

We are aware that we may not have exactly what you are looking for in our small refurbished inventory, we tend toward American Coach, Fleetwood RV and Country Coach just for their quality and less surprises to work on. So for those looking to save some money on a certain Manufacturer of Motorhome, we can arrange to bid for you through our Dealership. If you see something below that you would like more information on, we can get the Inspection Report and pictures for you.
To purchase a certain unit at a dealer auction, from the Bank owner, we require you have the funds and have to be able to deposit the Low Retail Value per the NADA in an escrow account. If our bid, a figure we agree on, is accepted we will use the funds to pay for the coach, the auctions fees and any taxes due (sometimes there are back state tax lien against a vehicle ) You can check the NADA Website for the model to determine what it will take. Do not choose any options, just the coach as is low retail.

Feel free to contact us if you see something!

Here are the results from what is either coming up or in inventory as of 11/07/2013. Some auctions only list the week of the sale others show inventory not assigned to a sale. So even if the date has past, we can check an see if it sold and will most probably be in inventory still for the next months sale

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