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Tube TV Replacement
Televisions in used Motor Homes are typically a fifty pound tube TV that, as you probably know, can no longer even receive over the air TV, not to mention produce the picture quality that you are probably use to at home now. Besides, the heavy load being carrying around overhead ends up causing squeaks as it puts tremendous stress on the overhead frame and they use a tremendous amount of power, requiring the coach be on shore power or running the generator.

We have sent may hours coming up with a functional and esthetic method of rebuild the existing TV cabinet to hold a flat panel. Using the existing cabinet, cutting the cabinets no longer needed depth back not only removes the old 'head banger' sticking out from the wall, but the wood assures a undetectable match.

We also have evaluating available LCD TVs to find the most efficient, lightest replacements we can find that can operate on D.C. power without the requirement of A.C. shore or generator power. The result is a very thin, LED Backlit, 1080p, 16x9 High Definition HDMI Display running directly off the house 12V! Also these new LCD TV's are SMART TVs, features that use the TV's built-in Wireless Network capability to access NetFlix, HULU, Vudu, and many other Internet content providers whenever you have WiFi service available.

We remove the factory T.V. enclosures and, most times, cut out the steel support structure that was installed to support the behemoth tube T.V. The original TV cabinet is then rebuilt, ending up much less intrusive and more flush to the top cabinetry, to house the new flat panel display.

Living Room Typical Total Cost: $1359
Bedroom Typical Total Cost: $783

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