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Clearing 'Fogged' Dual Pane Windows
We follow a more 'hands-on' approach to this problem. Most 'fogging' of dual pane side windows we have seen seems not to come from moisture, though we have seen when the dual pane actually separates. This can happen in doors and structures of high movement, the sheering back a forth for years and the adhesive sealant bond is actually broken. More prevalent are windows that have a halo appearance in the sun, a hazy film inside. This sometimes referred to as Silica Haze or Chemical Haze. This is produced by the combination of the spacer holding the two panes apart which is designed to have desiccate properties and the adhesive sealant used, but it is unclear, for most don't have a noticeable broken seal. It appears as if the material breaks down over time or the desiccant has absorbed as much moisture as possible and gives off what ever causes the haze.

No matter the cause or affect our solution is the same, the entire window, frame glass and all, must be removed from the coach. This can be done by the customer and the entire window brought or we can do it. The window frame is typically just sandwiched in the coach wall with an external face seal and something a bead of sealed around the outside edge. First step is to cut and clear out any beads of sealant around the outside of the window frame. Next, from the interior, to remove the screws, on 2-3" centers, from the interior frame ring. The interior frame ring is a simple flat frame between the gap of the wall and the window frame, pulling the window frame in. Once all the screws are remove the interior ring will fall off and the seal is all that is holding the window frame so it must be secured from the outside while it is pressed out from the inside.

Once the frame and glass are out of the coach, it can be brought into the shop. The shop room is heated and a dehumidifier running. To get the double pane glass unit out of the frame, the frame must be separate. Typically the frame has 2 or 3 joints that are screwed and sealed together. Once the frame is separated the glass unit can be slid out with its u-shaped rubber gasket surround attached. A lot of soapy water on the rubber helps here and in re-assembly. With the glass unit out, we cut the unit open using a thin blue razor blade and again a lot of soapy water on the edge to slip through the adhesive sealant against the top pane of glass. Now the two panes are flipped inside face up, the panes cleaned, then the spacer and the glass are treated with Alcohol and allowed to warm and dry in the dehumidified room. Before resealing the unit, desiccant beads are placed into the sandwich to absorb any leftover water. A PID glass Adhesive sealant is use on the cut face of the original sealant, once set a beam of silicone is run around the outside perimeter of the unit for a moisture seal. After a 24 hour setup, the glass unit is reinserted into the frame and the frame screwed and sealed back together.

Total Cost each: $150

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